Product Certification

Please ensure that you ask all suppliers if they posses an NRCS LoA certificate when purchasing smart home products. It is required for a CoC.

Why should my Products be Certified?

To Prevent Complications

When you sell your house and the CoC is being done, it is the home-owners responsibility to supply certification for all fixed electrical switches, or you might have to remove them.
Purchasing uncertified products may lead to unexpected complications.

Our goal is to educate consumers on the South African Building Regulations and to promote safety in your home. We are not saying you must only buy from us, all we are saying is for you to ensure that you have confirmed with your current provider that they have a Valid NRCS LoA certificate for the specific product you are purchasing.

Ensure that you are on the lookout for “certified product logos” on our product page, which verifies that the products are certified.

Now you have found the treasure of Sonoff product certification and we thank you for the time you have taken to read this.

Remember to keep an eye on this page for any updates and newly certified products!

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