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Voice controlled Home Automation

Everything you need for home automation !

All our products integrate with Google

From start up to full home automation solutions. This includes support to our clients and advice on what you will need to get started.

Google Home Mini

Google Mini

  • Hands free Voice control over home automation
  • Play and stream music
  • Voice Control
  • Voice search functionality
  • Child safe voice audio internet browsing
  • Scheduling, Reminders and appointments
  • Shopping lists
  • Creating Routines to simplify your life
Broadlink Mini

WiFi Universal Remote

  • Voice Control over all IR remote-controlled devices
  • TV’s, Dstv, Hi-Fi’s, Air conditioners
  • Compatible with Google assistant
  • Plug and Play setup
  • Multiple actions, scene control
  • Pre-programmed remote codes
3 Switches

Sonoff Smart Lights

  • Voice Controlled
  • Smart WI-FI Light Switchs
  • Scheduling and timer control
  • Remote ON and OFF
  • Full Smart Scene
  • Sunrise Auto On and Off
  • NO hub required (Wi-Fi Required)*
Google Hub

Google Hub

  • Customizing your routines and making life easier, saving you time. By displaying the best route to any destination avoiding congested traffic.
  • Your home automation dashboard becomes visible and easily controlled via touch screen as well as voice commands.
  • Play and stream music with video and audio entertainment.
  • Full voice search Functionality – Weather, Traffic, Recipes, Directions
  • ...So much more.