Sonoff Touch Free Light Set

Help prevent the spreading of viruses in your home by making your home safer, not just for now with Covid around, but for the future as well.  Door handles and light switches are amongst the most frequently touched surfaces in your home. The less contact you have with shared common surfaces areas like light switches in your home the less chance there is of spreading or transferring viruses to other areas of your home and to other family members. So with a simple install of the Sonoff Touch free bundle you have a affordable long term solution,  adding real benefit and comfort. After entering your home wash you hands then with this affordable solution you don’t have to ever touch a light switch again.

We have spent quite a few months coming up with solution that can utilize existing smart home product that are affordable and can make your home smarter and safer. Turning your lights on automatically as you walk is not just a solution for today but every day from now on.

This awesome set will automate two of your rooms turning lights on automatically as you walk in and off after a pre-set time.

Use motion sensing technology with the Sonoff Wifi and RF smart light switches you never have to touch a light switches again.  You can also use voice commands via Google home to turn lights on and off.




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Touch Free Lights Set


Voice control your lights. All switches can be controlled remotely using your phone. Devices connected with smart switches can work independently or with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Which lets you turn lights on or off with voice commands.  Sonoff light switches also have sensitive touch buttons that are simple, stylish and modern looking on any wall. Reduce monthly electricity bills by turning lights off using scheduling for auto off. Setting timers for devices and switches will automate your home. Simply setup scenes and your home will perform the routing task automatically saving you time and money. Turn off groups of devices with a single tap on your phone or by saying “Ok Google lights off”

Compatible with IFTTT function, the switches can communicate with all compatible devices and services, to trigger them on or off. Easy to follow steps to access your smart home. The share control provides you a quick way to allow you and your family to control devices as well. You’re not sure whether the lights where on or off after leaving home, just take your phone out and open the app to check the real time device status.

**Require a Neutral Wire

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Black, White


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