The LoadShedder Prebuilt Waterproof Box

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The LoadShedder Prebuilt Water Proof

The Load Shedder is a smart power detector that turns off appliances like geysers and pool pumps when load shedding starts. Extending battery uptime by reducing the load on your battery. The Load Shedder consists of a Sonoff unit that gets powered by your inverter and monitors Eskom power.




The LoadShedder Prebuilt Waterproof

The LoadShedder is a smart power detector that turns off appliances like geysers and pool pumps when load shedding starts.

The Load Shedder is a smart power detector designed to automatically deactivate appliances such as geysers and pool pumps when load shedding events occur. Additionally this user-friendly device is a prebuilt alternative to the original LoadShedder, which simplifies installation by requiring installers to connect it to the inverter and Eskom feed. Please note that the Load Shedder serves as a signal device and is used to trigger other Sonoff devices, such as the Sonoff Geyser unit, through eWeLink scenes on the app. The Load Shedder enables you to effortlessly manage your energy consumption and contribute to a more efficient use of power during load shedding periods.


  • Extending battery time during load shedding
  • Reducing battery load automatically during LoadShedding
  • Extending battery lifetime by reducing battery cycles
  • It automatically reduces power consumption and demand based on your requirements.
  • Upon power restoration, the system automatically recovers the load with delayed start and peak reduction features.
  • Simple scene trigger for LoadShedding Day time and Night time configurations


  • No more outages due to inverter flat batteries.
  • Saving money on battery replacement due to reducing cycles with lower loads.
  • Load management and monitoring.
  • Simple integration into other smart home platforms.
  • Integration into most big brand aircon like Samsung and LG via Broadlink.
  • Google and Alexa compatible.
  • The final piece of the smart home system that monitors Eskom power feed and manages your inverter load all in eWelink.
  • Simple yet so effective that the kids can’t even run your batteries flat with the microwave or kettle.
  • Even the hairdryer won’t be able to draw power during load shedding unless you so chose
  • For a visual representation of whether there is currently LoadShedding or not, you can make use of the Sonoff Smart Colour Bulb and set it to RED for load shedding and GREEN for No LoadShedding.
  • Alternatively, for a more decorative look, you can use the L3 Pro LED Strip

What’s in the Box

  • Sonoff Mini x1
  • Finder Monitoring Relay x1
  • Finder Din Base Holder x1
  • LoadShedder Pilot Light x1
  • Communication cable identifiers x4
  • Wiring Diagram with instructions x1
  • Digitally provide installation videos x1
  • Hagar Waterproof Box x1
  • Full support for installers only x1

**Please Note this is pre-built for the ease of installs**

Furthermore this unit has been field-tested for over a year now across multiple sites and we are very pleased with its success and reliability. installed correctly the LoadShedder compliments any and all inverter systems.

The system will automatically shut down your home appliances, such as pool pumps, geysers, dishwashers, and any non-critical home automation devices, to preserve battery power.

Furthermore you do not need to perform any additional re-wiring of the DB board. To control all appliances, you need smart devices like Sonoff Basic or any other Sonoff products.

We have fully designed this for integration into other smart home platforms like Smart Life, Samsung Smart Things, and Top 20 brands using IFTTT.

We designed this product for certified installers, electricians, and solar installers.

If you are interested in the LoadShedder, please contact us.


**installation requires a qualified electrician or solar installer only.

– Good WiFi 2.4Ghz and Internet required.

*Uses eWeLink app

Please visit our Reseller-How-To page.

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