Qi Systems

Automation – Controlled with your words. We pride ourselves in research and development, having over 120 years’ experience among our six senior technologists. We take complex technologies then we integrate and simplify them to let technologies have a positive and beneficial outcome to all at affordable prices. In our spare time and weekends we start companies like this and the currency is fun innovation.

Why it is important?

Simply because when you buy our products you have the comfort of knowing that we have tested 90% of all the top brands over 12 months and have picked these products for best in reliability, cost and integration with best features available.  Now we cover the widest range of products that integrate and work reliably to make your home comfortable.

Including in our products are simple step by step guides to simplify the complex process of home automation. In our guide you will find best practice reliable configuration that are tested and work in South Africa.

Our promise is that we will keep doing the testing and research so that so you don’t have to waste time or money on product that are sub-standard quality or overpriced for products they are with no added value.

Home Automation – controlled with your words

Qi Systems practices COVID19 precautionary measures